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Title : Outsourcing: Do it or Not!
Code : CCPT-GS001
Division : Contact Center Technology Selection
URL : http://www.flexi-com.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=118
Short Description :
Deciding on weather to build your own contact center, full outsource it, partially outsource or try it out? This seminar is the place to start with. It gives all you need to consider before making your decision.
Description  :

Outsourcing: Do it Not!

 A seminar for everybody involved in the contact center outsourcing decision making.

For everyone who is involved in the decision making, planning and analysis to provide support to the top management to take a decision on any contact center process outsourcing. 

It takes the attendee through the journy of setting the goals and building the strategic outsourcing decision around them. You can always build the required understanding and have the required tools to make a wise decision before investing your CAPEX or putting lots of efforts that may go into the wrong direction.

Topic to be discussed:


  • Point of views on Outsourcing and BPOs
  • Business Processes
  • Outsourcing in General
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • How to decide?
  • Whom to consult?
  • Forms of Outsourcing
  • What could be outsourced
  • Technology Driven Outsourcing
  • Operational Driven Outsourcing
  • Strategic Driven Outsourcing
  • CAPEX investment vs. Operational Control and Flexibility
  • Setting your check list
  • Setting the priorities
  • Tendering
  • Site Visits - What to look for
  • Change Control 
  • Visibility and Feedback
  • Outsourced Process: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Managing Quality

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